Co-Vid 19 Waiver

Please take the time to fill out this waiver in order to have your child participate at On Stage School of Performing Arts.

As with the transmission of any communicable disease like a cold or the flu, you may be exposed to COVID-19, also known as the “Coronavirus”, at any time or in any place. Despite our careful attention to sanitizing, disinfection, and use of personal barriers, there is still a chance that you could be exposed to an illness in the studio, just as you might be at your gym, grocery store or favorite restaurant. Social distancing has reduced the transmission of Coronavirus. Although we have taken several measures to provide social distancing and contactless participation, please know that participation in On Stage School of Performing Arts instructional classes is at your own risk. Although exposure is unlikely -


I agree to accept the risk and consent to participation.

I agree that my child will be fever/symptom free before entering the studio.

I agree to remind my child to follow the social distancing rules set forth by their teachers/directors.

I agree to notify the studio if my child or family member is exposed to Co-Vid 19.

I agree that my child is attending On Stage voluntarily.